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  • Who we support?

    Who we support?

    Read about projects we've funded

    Find out what projects we fund on your doorstep – click on the pins in this map to find out what projects we are funding near you.

    Please note that project locations are approximate. Some of the projects have been slightly moved to improve readability.

    To see an example of a project funded by Heathrow Community trust click here.

    Community action across the region

    The boroughs we support at a glance:

    1. Ealing

    2. Hillingdon

    3. Hounslow

    4. Richmond

    5. Runnymede

    6. Slough

    7. South Buckinghamshire

    8. Spelthorne

    9. Windsor & Maidenhead



    Grant programmes

    To see what projects we have funded check our grant programme pages.